Past, Present and Future

Welcome to South Beach Candle in Hialeah, FL. We are a producer of hand poured soy candles dedicated to producing healthy products for people, pets, and the environment to foster ECO sustainability based on renewable, natural ingredients, and processes that provide the finest experience for the mind, body, and soul.


Company Background

Established in March 2011, South Beach Candle Co., known for our passion and interest in translating the tropical scents of South Florida for pure enjoyment of the senses. We have coupled with the therapeutic aspects of nature's gifts and renewable ingredients to aid in a holistic wellness that is the major driving force behind the company's sustainability principles.

The company's South Florida "Green" manufacturing facility prides itself on setting the initial infrastructure of sustainability guidelines; SBC recycles, reuses all paper, and carton waste. We have also converted our facility to LEED standards through a series of energy conservation solutions that reduced our energy consumption by 50%.

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce!

Social Responsibility: SBC has always been dedicated to supporting multiple people, pets, and environmental awareness projects. We currently support our local Humane Society of Greater Miami and The Ocean Foundation.


  • US American Farmed produced Natural, Renewable Soy and Vegetable based wax products.

  • Lead-free wicks.

  • No animal products or testing.

  • The on site laboratory for Extended Research has developed a superior soy wax formula and wick combination to achieve a clean burn, no soot, with a superior scent throw.

  • SBC has a rigorous testing for burn time accuracy.

  • SBC candles surpass the industry standards for scented oil content by 2-1/2 times.

  • 100% Natural Fiber Multiple "Tri" Wick system ensures an extended burn of an average of 60 hours.

  • Allergy Friendly

  • Kosher certified Soy Wax

  • Many of SBC products incorporate our "Self Candle Snuffing" tops.

  • Our signature fragrance blends are created with essential and natural oils.

  • Wide Range of packaging, pricing, fragrances, sizes, along with private labeling, Eco packaging and product customization, availability.

  • Locally produced in Sunny South Florida, USA


We are located at 7950 West 26 Ave, Miami, FL 33016.